Which CMS Suits The Best For Your Business?

The best thing about Content Management Systems (CMS) is that, you can build a basic website even if you haven’t written a single line of code ever. CMS is a web application that lets users manage every single aspect of their website. For example, navigation, site architecture, social sharing, content and the appearance can be controlled using a CMS. Examples for such content management platforms include Drupal, WordPress, TeamSite, etc.

So which CMS suits your business well?

That’s really a complicated question; it completely relies on your needs. You might choose an open source and commercial CMS; both offer a wide range of benefits in their own ways. You just have to choose the one that best suits your business. Below is the comparison between a few popular CMSs available and certain things to consider on each of them.

  • Few commercial CMSs like SharePoint and TeamSite, on which we have worked extensively are designed to provide simple content solutions. They are often referred as ‘out of the box’ solutions as it comprises all the necessary tools in it.
  • While the open source CMSs like Drupal, Umbraco and WordPress are built by some large communities. These CMSs are widely used as they are freely available and extremely flexible. Among the thousands of CMSs, WordPress is the most popular CMS and is being used by 50% of the top 100,000 websites.
  • Few businesses might also use a custom CMS; there are several custom CMSs to use. They offer wide range of benefits as they are tailored to fit their specific needs. Custom CMS can be completely designed to fit the proper workflow and the needs of a business.

There are several thousands of CMS options available, among which WordPress and Drupal are the two most widely used CMSs.

  • WordPress is the most popular CMS available on the web and is also an extremely powerful publishing tool. The fact is that several major media companies have their home pages built using WordPress.
  • Drupal is also a widely used CMS and is a bit more advanced when compared to WordPress. So it requires a developer to utilize the platform completely. Drupal also has been used to build some larger websites in almost all the sectors.

Both Drupal and WordPress are similar in several ways; they both are open sources, designed to maximize SEO, easy to install. They are also different at the same time; WordPress is more user-friendly and is ideal for medium sized websites, whereas Drupal is designer-friendly and customizable.

Advantages of WordPress CMS:

  1. Multi-author publishing: It was actually designed as a blogging platform and so it’s extremely easy to use with multiple authors. Hence it’s the most favourite CMS for large scale publishers.
  2. Extensive free libraries: WordPress offers a huge library of free themes and plugins. So it’s really easy and affordable to customize a WordPress website.
  3. Extremely user friendly: WordPress is basically designed with users in mind; so that the one who has no technical knowledge can also design a basic website using WordPress.

Advantages of Drupal CMS:

  1. Extremely developer friendly: Drupal is said to be the most customizable open source CMS as it offers plenty of options and flexibility for businesses to grow.
  2. Large-scale content management: Drupal is capable of handling thousands of pages on a single website; this makes it an ideal solution for enterprise businesses.
  3. Better security: Though security is a major priority in WordPress, Drupal has some extensive security protocols and hence the platform is less targeted by the hackers.

The options for Content Management Systems are literally limitless, and also the degree at which they can be customized keeps on increasing all the time. So, one has to choose the CMS based on their website requirements.

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