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22 January 2014

Singapore: WordPress is the base for many websites. Approximately 40% of the top 10,000 sites in the world make us of it, including eCommerce sites, major online publications, blogs and web applications.

Whether you are seeking to take advantage of the classiness and ease of WordPress as a content publishing system or employ it as the foundation for your huge eCommerce network it’s to your advantage to recognize how you can work with convenience in WordPress.

Most accessibility problems didn’t come from the content management system. They come from plugins and themes. If you are serious about ease of access, you need to ensure your theme and plugins are accessible.

But there is a lot you can do with WordPress – either through plugins that offer accessibility support or cautious attention to detail in content creation – to offer many features of an excellent accessible user experience.


There are a plenty of plugins centered on developing accessibility issues in WordPress. These plugins are intended either to resolve precise accessibility issues or to make it simpler for you to deal with some of the different content required to optimize your media accessibility.

You can set up these plugins into any site to take advantage of their accessibility features and developments.

WP Accessibility

One of the main jobs this plugin does is to take the accessibility concerns in the core code of WordPress and resolve them. While there aren’t many core WordPress functionality matters that affect accessibility for site visitors, there are a few — including redundant title attributes and some unusual search form responses. Using WP Accessibility, you don’t have to be anxious about them.

In addition, it takes a lot of other concerns, such as links unpredictably opening in other windows, providing keyboard focus, and taking out tabindex (which can force users to tab through pages in unexpected order), and guarantees that those won’t happen on your site.

Accessible Drop Down Menus and Genesis Accessible Dropdown Menu

If you have based your theme either on the very popular Genesis Framework, on any of the last several WordPress default themes, or on the Underscores development framework, one of these plugins will ensure that the drop-down menus built into those themes can be employed by screen readers and keyboards. The Accessible Drop Down Menus plugin may work on other themes as well; but it can’t be ensured.

Accessible Video Library

One of the big challenges in managing video handily is offering access to closed captions, transcripts, and alternate-language subtitles. Accessible Video Library solves that problem by offering you a managed library dedicated to videos, where you can upload all of these crucial documents that need to be connected with your videos. While it’s not the only way to make video accessible in WordPress, it’s by far the simplest.

Media Ally

Since one of the vital aspects of accessibility is the provision of alternate content for images, recognizing which of your images already have an alt attribute assigned can be critical. It’s simple when you have only a few images, but if you have hundreds or thousands of images, it’s not.

Regrettably, this can only test whether there’s an alt attribute saved for an image — that doesn’t mean that it’s essentially been added to the site with an alt attribute. Any image that you introduced into a post before saving the alt attribute may not be right. Still, if you are mainly using images resources in image galleries or as featured images, you will be set.


For a proficient site, you are more or less certainly going to want to take your site in the direction of a custom design. Off-the-shelf themes will hardly ever give you the look that’s just exact for your site. However, if you want to create an accessible site, there are a few resources that can serve as good frameworks for you to jump off from in your development.

Most websites will discover these themes helpful primarily as a jumping-off point — somewhere to begin when building out a handy WordPress site.

Full Themes

Any complete WordPress theme is going to come with a precise look. If you want to get something exclusive, themes can be a lot of work. But if you like the look as it is, these are alternatives that will give you a handy site right from installation.

  • Accessible Zen
  • Blaskan
  • Scrapbook

Child Themes

Creating a child theme is the standard way to make a modified version of a theme you really like, without having to re-build from scratch. These are available child themes for three of the last four WordPress default themes. If you are going to create a custom theme based off of one of those three default themes, using these child themes as a reference is a good place to begin. They take the solid, standards-based theme improvement in the WordPress default themes and upgrade it for accessibility.

  • Accessible Five
  • Accessible Twenty Eleven
  • Accessible OneTwo


A framework WordPress theme comes with minimum styles, but rich feature execution including layouts with a variety of numbers of columns, custom tweaks, and navigation implementations. Framework sites almost do not have style in terms of looks, making them good for development.

  • Day One
  • Underscores

Underscores is a theme that Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, employs for most of the themes accessible on WordPress.com. It’s not particularly built with accessibility in mind, but it’s got a firm grasp on the basics.

Day One, conversely, is a development framework built mainly with accessibility as a purpose. It comprises a wide range of accessibility features built-in so that you will be able to employ a huge variety of modern development methods targeted at building an accessible experience.

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