Top 5 Predictions on Tech Developments for the Year 2017

9 January 2017

Singapore: Technology is something that keeps changing every now and then, and we who’ve been very much dependent on technology these days should be updated about the latest trends and happenings in the tech field. Every New Year, lots of advancements happen in tech industry, and tech savvy’s start putting up their predictions for the year on-board and now it’s our turn to put it across.

So, what’s new this year?  Is everything same?

Are there any major developments in the industry?

Here are top 5 predictions on tech developments for the year 2017:

1. VR/AR to Surpass Wearable Devices

Though it’s too early to make this statement, we can’t deny the fact that VR/AR technology has given some hint to surpass wearable devices. It’s just been some time since the virtual reality and augmented reality products have come to light, but the excitement about these devices is noticeable.

Of course, the AR/VR technologies have to improve in several ways; the prices of devices have to be decreased and the range of options in software should widen. But people who’ve been fortunate enough to witness the quality of VR/AR systems from Oculus, HTC and other devices have felt that it’s going to be the future.

From adults exploring the surface to the kids playing games, VR/AR technology is really growing, and it continues in this pace, there’s no doubt in it surpassing the wearable devices.

2. Subscription Based Services Bloom

We all know that, mobile application has been an incredible platform-driver and growth enabler, and many applications have proved it over time. We must say that it’s very difficult to imagine the last decade without mobile apps; even if we do, it won’t be relevant. But it seems like 2017 is going to be bland for mobile applications.

The smartphone growth across the world seems to have stalled, and app stores look bloated as they are finding it difficult to navigate. Most importantly, the excitement level about mobile applications have diminished to an extent that it’s nearly zero. Recent study about mobile apps has shown that, mobile apps which are downloaded are rarely being used, and people are consistently relying on tiny handful of mobile app.

And, popular subscription based tech services like Spotify and Netflix are benefiting from this move; it’s also expected to have more such services growing in the year.

3. Autonomous Driving Slows; Assisted Driving Thrives

Autonomous driving certainly is going to be a critical trend in the year 2017 for tech industry and automotive players, but the technical and standard based challenges of building truly autonomous cars become very obvious, and the timeline for these automobiles will be definitely extended. Technology experts have also predicted it to be delayed by minimum of 3 years.

However, with these concerns aside, 2017 is definitely going to bring some critical advancement which looks less attractive but more important; yes, the assisted-driving technologies. Car assisted crash avoidance, automated breaking and other practical assisted driving benefits, which leverage artificial intelligence software are likely to have more realistic impact in 2017.

4. Non-gaming AR/VR Apps Grow Faster

Though the early attention in VR/AR market was mainly focused on gaming applications, many technology experts are expecting a healthy environment in AR/VR sector, and they believe 2017 to be the year for non-gaming applications.

The Google Earth experience which we witnessed on HTC Vive gave us a slight hint about the possibilities. It’s clear that, the training, educational, experimental and travel applications offer great potential for widespread appeal.

The tools for developing non-gaming VR and AR applications are still in the beginning stage, and it may take some time to get itself out. Gaming might play a critical role in VR and AR, but it doesn’t play an overwhelming role in the usage of PCs, smartphones and other devices.

5. Mobile Continues As Primary Shopping Platform

Online customers are getting younger by time. In the year 2016, many businesses have seen a shift to younger generation and there are lot more smartphone purchases than ever before. People now depend on their smartphone for all their needs; may it be for booking cabs, paying bills and shopping, they do it all using their smartphone.

2017 too is going to be the year of smartphones, and they are expected to continue as the primary shopping platform. So, these predictions make one thing clear that 2017 is going to be the smartphone’s year.

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