Remarkable Predictions on Google's Mobile Indexing for 2015

23 January 2015

Singapore: It looks like the world is going mobile, as most of the people these days are using devices and large numbers of users are searching on Google’s using mobile. Basically the mobile sites are usually designed keeping mobile view as the main concern. So for a webmaster, running a mobile site and switching into mobile search audience might be a complicated task. Because it’s not only the format that differs; expertise required and the management methods are also different from one another.

Google has given a lot of prominence for mobile-friendly sites in 2014; search engine experts say that the Google would stop indexing non-mobile sites in the mobile search results in 2015. Google is already identifying the sites which are mobile friendly based on certain criteria. It’s also given a hint that it would use those criteria that has ranking signal.

So it clearly says that, in 2015 Google’s mobile friendly criteria would become a ranking signal; it means that the non-mobile-friendly sites will definitely be lost in the mobile search if they are not indexed completely.

Googlebot detects a page as mobile friendly only if it meets the following criteria:

  • A page should avoid software which is uncommon on mobile devices (E.g. Flash).
  • The page’s text must be able to read without zooming.
  • Content of the page should fit into the screen so that the users don’t have to scroll horizontally.
  • Links/buttons on the page must be far enough so that the users can tap on the required link.

You can employ the following in order to make sure that your page meets the mobile friendly criteria:

  • Perform mobile- friendly test for your pages.
  • Have a look at the updated documentation of webmasters mobile guide and get an idea of improving your mobile site.
  • Check out for mobile usability on Google webmaster tools; it highlights the issues of mobile usability throughout the site and not only for a single page.
  • Go through the “how to” guide for some third party software like Joomla or WordPress; by doing this, you can easily migrate your site hosted on a CMS to a mobile-friendly template.

As we have just entered a new year, changes are common in every field; likewise in SEO. Google has rolled out some updates which the SEO professionals must be aware of. Below mentioned are a few updates:

  • Boosting the rank of secure websites using HTTPs.
  • Updating local search algorithms.
  • Decommissioning the toolbar page rank.

Nobody is so sure about the Google’s intentions and the above mentioned predictions are made by SEO experts. But it’s probably the sign of times and these days the experts are being more curious about SEO for mobile sites. Because there are lots and lots of mobile devices today and this is piquing their interest on mobile site indexing.

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