Lost Your Android Phone? Here’s What You Should Do!

8 December 2016

Singapore: When you lose your Android phone, you haven’t just lost the device but also the important data stored in it, and it can cause lots of serious problems. So, it’s really important for you to know what you should do once your phone is lost.

What you should do immediately after knowing that your device is lost or stolen? And what are the preventive measures to safeguard your device?

Here are four main things to do soon after finding out that your device is lost or stolen.

1.Track your Android:

There is an easy way using which you can track your device within minutes; the Android device manager. It’s not necessary to have it installed on your device. You can just sign in with the same Google account that you used in the lost device. The location of your device will be displayed down to an accuracy of about 20 meters. You will also get to know how far the device is from you and the last online time. Using this device manager, you can also make your device ring or erase the data remotely.

2.Secure your Accounts:

It’s strictly advised to change the password your main Google account; by doing this, no unauthorized persons can have the access to your personal accounts, apps, contacts and other information. Also, you need to know that changing your Google account password will not affect your efforts to trace your lost device via Android Device Manager. You can still find your device and erase the data remotely even after changing the password.

3.Block Your SIM Cards:

Blocking the SIM card is not just to prevent the misuse of call privileges, but many instant messaging apps like Line, WhatsApp and Hike, use your phone number to verify your account. If you have signed up for a two-step verification process to access you accounts like email, you will have to regain the ownership of your phone number. But you don’t have to worry about that, as your service provider will assist you in getting your number back on a new SIM card after blocking the one in the lost device.

4.Unlink your Accounts:

Though this is a less urgent step, it’s advised to unlink all your linked accounts from the lost device, so that it stops the synchronization process on your device. For instance, if you were using Dropbox on your device, just go to the website, find your device and click ‘x’ button to unlink the device. Note that you will have to do it for all the linked accounts.

To conclude it, no matter how careful we are, at times because of the poor luck, we might lose the device and might not be able to retrieve it successfully. So, it’s better to know a few things that can help you trace your lost device.

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