Learning Community Embracing Flat Design Trends

25 November 2014

Singapore: From over several years, brand communication has been shifted to digital spaces in larger shares, with number of companies being completely online. This has perked the trends towards a simpler and organized flat design technique which can be easily implemented via code. It suits for every screen size and type.

Flat design, with its prominence on white space, clear typography and bold buttons, has the capability to make products shine, with no distractions to get in the customer's way. One remarkable difference is the field of education. As education is the communication of knowledge, any design trend that intensifies simplicity (in order to communicate precisely without any visual barriers) has to be adopted by learning community and such designs should be integrated with their products soon.

Nowadays, online education has become growingly popular for several institutions and small companies to offer their courses to non-students or to offer short classes on various topics and skills. So, flat design is being used by learning communities in a broader range.

Development courses are particularly made for popular business models because of the rise in demand and the ability to develop an interactive platform. But development courses will have a lot of materials that has to be communicated. Online education platforms comprise various features like libraries of available courses, supporting materials for courses, discussion forums, videos and other interactive components that educate students. Flat design is really an integral part to keep these features well-ordered and accessible in a way that doesn’t overwhelm user or distract them from the subject being taught.

Advantages of using flat design:

  1. No added embellishments: It engulfs simple user interface elements such as icons, typography and buttons. It is a tidy and simple way to convey a message or to promote an idea.
  2. Beautiful typography: Best use of typography is a prime foundation of flat design. As you have stripped all the visual stuffs, there will be a lot of room for the good typography to shine.
  3. Animations: It offers simple animations using CSS3/HTML5 which lets you go a long way making your application or website more engaging and user-friendly.
  4. Minimalism: It minimizes all the special effects and extra graphics which lets you focus mainly on the content. It makes designers think about presenting content in a compelling way that doesn’t lead to any distractions.

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