Leaked Specifications of iPhone 6S Seem to Sound A Lot

3 August 2015

Singapore: Since when Apple released its iPhone 6 and 6 plus in September last year, people are very curious about Apple’s next release. Apple lovers have already started making their own guesses on the specifications of iPhone 6S (next release of Apple). Here we have gathered a few rumours about the specifications of iPhone 6S that have been hovering around.

  1. Sapphire glass display: The first attention catching rumour is that the iPhone 6S will have a sapphire glass display. This sapphire glass is already being used by Apple in iPhone’s camera and the Apple Watch. Traditionally this glass was used in high end watch faces. The glass is said to be more durable than the currently existing Gorilla glass and hence the company wants to build the whole display using sapphire glass.
  2. 3D Display: Economic Daily News recently published a report saying that the Apple’s partner TPK is currently developing the 3D display technology which offers users the 3D experience without having to wear the 3D glasses. This will certainly be the most attractive feature of iPhone 6S as it takes the digital device experience to a new level.  
  3. Wireless charging: The users were expecting this feature to be out with iPhone 6 and 6 plus but it didn’t happen and the Apple introduced it with Apple Watch. This feature eliminates the need of using cable to charge the device. This is a much needed feature indeed as the lightning cables might stop working after some time and you will have to go with the new one. But now, you can just place your iPhone on the charging pad which uses phones’ back as the conductor to charge the battery.
  4. Liquid metal chassis: Liquid metal is basically more durable than aluminium which has been the main reason for Apple deciding to use it. Using liquid metal actually saves the interior space for hardware components and also reduces the weight of the device. The metal is made in such a way that it is resilient to damage and is highly durable. Liquid metal technology has already been used in several products like baseball bats and some high end golf clubs and now the technology is making its way towards phone.
  5. Powerful A9 Processor: It’s being said that the new chip is built using 14-nanometer design. One interesting thing with respect to processor usage is that Samsung is in its way to become the sole supplier of new chip taking over Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) which is the current manufacturer.
  6. Camera: The iPhone 6S’s camera is supposed to take a great jump in the technology. According to a source, the new camera is said to have 2-lens system which would enhance the image quality such that it can be compared to a picture clicked using DSLR camera.

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