How Google App Indexing Helps in Android App Discovery?

28 May 2015

Singapore: If you just enter the search term ‘Android apps’ in Google, what you find is a list of applications with some headlines on the app and a direct link to Play Store. Of course, the developers would always pick much more specific keyword to optimize their applications for search. But from the past few weeks, they have been given a huge incentive to do so.    

Recently Google announced the expansion of its App Indexing feature which had allowed users to receive the search results that included the in-app content of the apps which they had downloaded before. But now, the company says that the results would be showing the in-app content of all the indexed Android applications and it will also include Google Play app install buttons. For few developers, it means more number of downloads instantly. So the developers need to think of app marketing in a whole new way.

How deep links help in app indexing?

At present, Google doesn’t have the same kind of signals to judge the app quality as it had for judging the web quality. So the consultants are saying that Google app indexing could be very important for organic discovery. Google seems to build the momentum where the mobile industry is seen around deep linking. Deep linking helps you to drive the consumers to specific digital properties. Several ad platforms like URX can make use of deep linking to drive user engagement and more.

Deep links are very powerful; using the deep links, you can direct your users to particular portion of your app without forcing your users to click through several screens. One of the best ways that help you in optimizing your app is app indexing. You can then link that to your content directly from your website. This provides some link equity to the index and helps in boosting the rankings.

Make the app discoverable in Play Store

App indexing is currently an Android feature. If it goes well, it would be a pressure for Apple also to allow indexing for iOS applications in order to gain parity in the marketplace. Making the app discoverable in Play Store is an important aspect to be considered while developing an Android app, as the competition is growing stronger every day. 

Besides making it discoverable on Play Store, some Android developers also use some promoted app networks like AppBrain which offers a free service to show how apps rank in various countries. Google App Indexing is a competitive threat as AppBrain looks to integrate; so that the interested users can use AppBrain to evaluate an app they want.

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