6 Simple Image Mistakes You Can Avoid on Your Website

14 September 2015

Singapore: Big images and photo-heavy designs are of course a trend in web design. But to make your website look more aesthetic, you need to make sure that all the images on your site fit into the display while representing the brand well. The simple mistakes made by designers could make the site fall in front of others.

Here we have listed a few simple image mistakes that the designers need to be aware of.

1. Uploading huge files: Full size images work great with print related jobs but it could make a negative impact when they are used on a website. Generally, the large sized images load slower and the slow load times make the users abandon your site. There are several backend programs that let you upload larger images. Sometimes you will not even know in what size the images are being uploaded. So, just size the images to the dimension of the frame where you want the image to appear.

2. Cropping: As already told, full frame images and huge files can bog down your site. Cropping the images helps you display what exactly you want the users to see. If you fail to crop the image, it could create less-than-dynamic stack of visuals having same aspect ratios and shapes. So it’s really good to crop the images to an appropriate size before they are uploaded so that the images will be rendered as desired.

3. Thumbnails: There are several ways for you to size and resize the thumbnails. The designers normally forget to update image previews, thumbnails and favicons which shouldn’t happen. You need to update and pay attention to the smaller images on your site. Make sure that you remove old previews and thumbnails when you change the images on your site.

4. Unsearchable names: Digital cameras save the information in various Meta fields that don’t get translated to web. You can strip this information and change it to usable data. Search engines will not be able to read the image content; so in order to make the images searchable, you will have to include clear and descriptive words in the title and alt tags. Make sure that the naming conventions are strong enough that they relate to the visuals.

5. Overused or generic images: Everybody wants their website to be unique with some unique images and content. Stock photography can certainly be a great fix but sometimes it can also lead you to some unintended situation. The images that are used on many websites or the one that has a generic look and feel don’t build your connection with the users. Consider having a photographer who can create specific images to your website.

6. Improper scaling: Improperly scaled image look as strange as the stretched face of a person. All the images on the site must be properly scaled with the ratio of 1:1 vertically and horizontally.  Monitor the scaling proportions closely and also audit the site regularly.

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