5 Impressive Alternatives for Most Popular Web Browsers

29 October 2015

Singapore: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are the 5 browsers that are dominating the desktop browser market in the world. Whichever might be the statistics you use to check (NetMarketshare or W3Counter), you’ll find that they contradict each other while deciding on which browser is leading the race.

Of course, these are the 5 most popular browsers but these are not the only 5 browsers available to access the internet. Below listed are the 5 alternative browsers you can use instead of the above mentioned browsers.

#1. UC BROWSER: UC browser is one among the popular cross-platform browsers; you can make the browser work even on an old Symbian device. Let this not blindside you, there are several other reasons for you to check it out. The excellent rounded design and smoother animations give the browser a fresh look and feel. The browser offers a cloud account for all the settings, extensions, bookmarks from the Chrome web store which is referred to as an alternative to the Google ecosystem. The browser doesn’t just focus on social networks, downloads and security but also on appealing to the wider audience.

#2. MAXTHON: Maxthon, the popular Chinese browser available for desktop and mobile platforms incorporates two rendering engines. The browser comes with abundant features like built-in proxy manager, split-screen view, ad-blocking, and so on. All your settings, extensions, tabs and passwords will be synced across multiple devices by just logging in with the Maxthon Passport.

#3. MXNITRO: MxNitro is slightly a different take when compared to Maxthon. Speed being the main concern, MxNitro is just like a stripped down version of Maxthon with almost nothing other than the basic functionality. You can install it easily and start browsing immediately without having to tinker with the settings. There are no download managers, no extensions and no cloud syncing. The only main purpose of MxNitro is to enable you to access the internet without any clutter or distraction.

#4. TORCH: Instead of just being a straight forward browser, Torch aims at being a powerful media-consumption centre. Based on Chromium, Torch has been added with some extra functionality and is heavily restyled. New tab page on the browser boasts a customizable and stylish design while the toolbar features the shortcuts for all the media features available on the browser. The download manager of Torch delivers the file somewhat faster than Chrome, but the files will often have bugs and crashes.

#5. CITRIO: Citrio does an excellent job related to the Chromium updates, bug fixes, security and implementation of new features. It’s more like Chrome browser but looks simple and performs even better. Though the browser looks simple, it’s powerful for media consumption and file downloads. The download manager is used for normal downloads, torrents and magnet links without differentiating between them.

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