5 Enticing Features of New Android 6.0 Marshmallow

16 October 2015

Singapore: Google recently released an update for the Android version, i.e. Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With the release of this new version, Android users have really been excited about the new features incorporated with the operating system.

However, Google’s Nexus devices will naturally be the first to receive the Marshmallow update and it might take a bit longer for non-Nexus devices to get the update. You need to know that, though Android Lollipop was first released in 2014 November, it almost took 11 months for 21% of Android devices to be levelled up with Lollipop.

Below listed are the 5 new features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

#1. Fine-Tuned App Permissions: Google has completely revamped the way we manage app permissions on Android devices. We know there are a few apps that keep asking for the permission even if there is no need. Earlier, we just had to accept those permissions. But now with Marshmallow, we can choose the access exactly that you want to grant to specific apps.

#2. Google Now on Tap: Developed on Google’s expertise on contextual search and machine learning, the ‘Now on Tap’ analyses the things that appear on the users’ screen and serves up with useful information related to what it sees. For example, if ‘Now on Tap’ sees an email about making reservations at a restaurant, it brings up Google Now’s familiar looking cards to help you with directions to the restaurant along with the other information.

#3. Battery Improvements: Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings in two new features to improve the battery life of the device. Both the features capitalize on the times where the device is not being used. Doze makes use of your phone’s accelerometer to identify that your phone is in rest. After some time, it sends your phone to deep sleep by shutting down the background syncing activity till you tap on the phone again. App standby feature disables the apps that you use very rarely. You can also whitelist the apps that you don’t want to be disabled.

#4. Fingerprint Support: We have already seen a few mobile manufacturers including fingerprint scanners in their devices. But in Marshmallow, the Google is trying to make the support standardized across whole platform. It also allows you to unlock the devices, pay for media on Google Play Store. The developers can also make use of fingerprint scanners to allow users to login to their app without the need of a password.

#5. App Waterfall: Android’s app drawer is one best way to hide your apps from the home screen. If the number of apps tends to increase, you will have to keep swiping towards left to reach the desired app. But now, the app drawer has been realigned into a lengthy cascade which makes it easier for you to reach the apps. It also has a search bar now;  if you know where exactly you want to go, you can directly search for the app instead of enduring all the other apps.

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