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With mobile technology becoming the spotlight nowadays and the world turning wireless, Mobile Application Development is on boost.

The world has seen the increase of Mobile Application Development as more and more people are employing mobile phones to be in touch than ever before. With the rapid arrival of chic and handy applications and brand new platforms, it is clearly seen that the Mobile application development industry has seen a quick bang in popularity. A huge number of Mobile application development companies are now engaged in creating applications for a variety of mobile phones.

Why Mobile Apps?

  • Allow and lift your business with the use of mobile applications
  • Interrelate with your clients, no matter where they are
  • Offer Value-Added-Services for client contentment and improved sales figures
  • Lucrative solution, enhances business performance for better ROI
  • Efficient, inexpensive and handy means of business promotion

At Fortune Softtech Singapore, we offer a complete solution for all your mobile development requirements. We have extensive experience in Mobile Apps Development and has harnessed mobile technology for key mobile platforms which includes Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Java/J2ME and Windows among others. We help you to build mobile applications according to the platform or interface on which you need the application to work. Our skilled Mobile Application Development team makes sure that your business obtains the exact application that is needed. Our professionals use a range of Mobile Application Tools to come up with various options to match your requirement.

Fortune Softtech has created secure and scalable apps both for consumers and enterprises. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive Mobile Application Development Lifecycle to aid you design, create, test and deliver your mobile application to your target audience. In some circumstances, our teams have aided our customers to port their existing applications on different platforms, maintaining or enhancing the key functionality and usability and features. While in other scenarios our teams have built applications centering on empowering users with the different applications in Reference, Utility, Financial, etc.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Entire mobile application development lifecycle from knowing the necessities to rendering a complete application, including registering it with the relevant Applications Store.
  2. Multi-platform development or porting including J2ME, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile etc.
  3. Complete testing of multi-platform mobile application by considering multiple mobile networks, carriers and devices.

Mobile Application Development Services from Fortune Softtech:

The exceptional reach of mobile applications has aided all businesses, small and big, improve their ability to endorse their brand and enhance their performance. Some of our services include:

  • Mobile website development
  • iPhone and iPad apps development
  • BlackBerry apps development
  • Android apps development
  • Windows mobile apps development
  • J2ME apps development


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