How to Make Great and Successful Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are useful tools for turning traffic into conversions. A landing page is basically any page on a site developed with the precise intention of influencing a visitor to perform an action. Landing pages have to be strictly concentrated on their job and developed from the ground up with an eye to conversion rate optimization.

Some sites make use of their home page as a landing page. But unless the home page has been cautiously designed keeping conversion in mind, it does not make a useful landing page. Why? The data on home page tends to accomplish a number of different purposes: bringing in a company’s task, offering navigation to different parts of the site, displaying a range of topics and so on. That makes them a good introduction to a business, but not very useful for bringing out precise needed conversions.

Landing pages can usually be divided into 2 types, those planned to sell a product directly and those aimed to produce leads by having the visitor enter their contact information.

Here we examine 5 Steps towards a more Useful Landing Page:

1. A UX Friendly Form

There is nothing bad than a poor form. If your form is requesting my date of birth, my phone number, the name of my first child, and whether I deem in unicorns, it’s requesting too much data. Actually, it is more than enough to ask for name and email address.

With social logins, it’s not even essential to inquire a user to generate a new account. Most people hate that anyway, and 88% of people enter incorrect or incomplete information on registration forms in any case. As an alternative, get them to sign up with their social login, preferably. That way, the information is likely correct, you get bulk information about them, and you do not upset them by inquiring that they join yet one more site.

If social logins won’t work for your application, just keep in mind to request for the information you need, and maximum time, it’s a name and email address. When you request more, you are entering the scary “I’m going to call you during dinner” telemarketer zone and possible leads will go away.

2. A Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action is the main part of your landing page. It notifies the reader of what action to take. Steer clear of matching the boring “submit” text on your call-to-action button.

  • Aim for something descriptive like:
  • Give Me a Free 30 Day Trial
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Show Me What I’m Missing
  • Yes! I Want To Be A Winner
  • Schedule A Meeting
  • Take the Tour
  • Yes! Place My Order

The list is endless, but you can notice how all of these buttons are more appealing than “submit”. And, who would like to submit anyway? Give power to the reader.

In addition, make your call-to-action show up. The majority of call-to-action buttons are yellow, red, or orange as these colors pop off the page.

Another point is – get to your call-to-action before time. Readers should not scroll down your page to get it. Actually, people use up 80% of their time on your website

Your call-to-action must not be an after-thought; it must be the key driver.

3. Make It Responsive

As per mobile research study, more than 60% of smartphone users surf the Internet from their phone, and about 34% access the Internet from their phones only. The question is: Is your landing page bearing these visitors in mind?

Responsive design implies that your landing page gets used to any screen size, be it desktops, tablets or smartphones. Rather than asking visitors to pinch-to-zoom, you can make your page to be functional and understandable in every format.

Your responsive landing page must be finger-compatible. Tiny call-to-action buttons will not work fine on a mobile device. Moreover, you don’t want the reader to scroll too much on mobile devices.

If you are employing WordPress, a theme that maintains responsive design is the needed way to go.

4. A/B Testing

How do you make out what’s working except you test? A/B testing allows you to study every variable on your landing page to decide what’s more booming.

For instance, you can test which call-to-action text is more influential. Keep all the other elements same in the page. Direct half of the visitors to page A, and the other half to page B. Once you settle on which is more influential, keep that element, and continue testing another part of your page.

It’s constant testing, and it’s all significant. Very minute changes can make a world of disparity in conversation.

5. Social Proof

People have faith in other people. That’s why it is a good though to include testimonials on your loading page.

It is good to do it below the fold for two reasons:

  • To keep the main message uncluttered
  • To capitalize on the 20% of time that readers spend below the fold

Don’t just settle for word-only testimonials. They are not as effective as having a picture of the person smiling next to the testimonial. Bonus points for connecting to the authentic website or social media profile for that individual or firm.

Videos are entertaining, appealing and puts in even more power to social proof. Instead of original testimonials, you can insert the logos of reputed companies with whom you have dealt with. The type of support validates your product in the eyes of your viewers.

The above mentioned 5 principles of landing page design will form your landing page a bit exceptional.

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