How to Build An Effective Contact Page for Your Website?

The contact page of a website plays a very important role as it can make or break the conversions. A poor contact page can make the customer leave the site even if they have had a good experience until that point.

If the contact page fails to generate that final click, there are chances that you might lose a potential customer forever. It’s very crucial that you need to keep encouraging your customers to take them to the final step from casually interested to make them fully engaging.

An effective contact page doesn’t just assist your visitor in bridging the gap but it will also be a proof of quality that they need to persuade them to do so.

Below mentioned are a few tips using which you can create an effective contact page for your website:

  1. Limited Number of Fields: More the number of questions you ask more will be the probability of customers leaving your site. Make sure that you ask for information if and only if you absolutely need it.
  2. Bounding Box around Forms: When you place a bounding box around the forms, it will be easier for your customers to identify them. It also helps them identify which part of your page is more interactive.
  3. Embed Google maps: For some businesses like mortar and bricks, it’s certainly beneficial for you to help your customers find the location. So, displaying your physical location adds credibility for your business.
  4. Add Social Proof: When it comes to credibility, customers don’t simply believe in you unless you provide them some proof like BBB elements, testimonials, number of years you have been in the business and so on.
  5. Add Branding: Though it sounds foolish, it really helps! It is not at all uncommon that the customers browse numerous sites on multiple tabs. Branding reminds the customer whom they are about to contact.
  6. Guide User Input: Consider using interface elements like selects and option fields to guide the users through the input. When you make it easier for the users to provide the information, it’s more likely that you’ll get that information.
  7. Keep It Simple: Try keeping the things as simple as possible. You need to understand the fact that simplicity always wins. Remember that, you may have to make the form appear larger on mobile devices in order to make it usable.
  8. Include Phone Number: Today, most of the businesses do not want to include their phone number on the contact page. But you need to be aware that phone numbers are like Maps; it adds credibility to tour website and makes the customer feel that they are in safe hands.
  9. Add a Privacy Statement: This is the most important thing that you should not forget. Add a guarantee statement that you keep their details confidential; this builds trust on your company.

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