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Drupal is a free, open source web development platform for online content and user communities. It’s a platform into which different modules can be plugged and combines to offer content management system tailored to your needs. There are modules for various purposes, for instance storing different kinds of content, recovering content based on criteria, and for exhibiting content in different ways and much more.

Drupal is employed to handle content on informational sites, member sites, social media sites, intranets and web applications. It offers shorter time to market, acknowledgement of end users to do customizations that usually needs software engineering, sustainability and lesser cost of ownership. Drupal powers some of the most active sites on the web, and can be custom-made to virtually any visual design. Drupal runs over a million sites, and can be custom-made to virtually any visual design, Drupal runs over a million sites, including World Economic Forum, WhiteHouse.gov, Examiner.com and Stanford University.

At Fortune Softtech Singapore, we primarily employ the Drupal Content Management System (Drupal CMS). We deem there is no need to “reinvent the wheel”, particularly in the world of web development. Employing Drupal as our CMS allows us to focus more time on building the sole functionality specially catering to our customers’ sites. The Drupal framework lets for our unique website designs to be effortlessly applied to the CMS. A lot of content management systems are template driven and limit design. Drupal makes a possibility for liberty in design and functionality flexibility. As your professional Drupal web developer, we will make sure you have a wonderful website.

Our Drupal sites take in some of these remarkable features:

  • Blogs: Create a blog for a single user or multiple users on your site.
  • Social Sharing: Allow users to share the site with friends by means of social media sites
  • Audio and Video: Easily upload and publish audio files or embed video files from well known video sites
  • Image Gallery: Post an infinite number of images to your website and permit social media distribution of those images to increase your audience online.
  • eCommerce: Sell items on your site and accept credit card payment.
  • Calendar of Events: Post future events online by date and time.  Allow online registration for events.
  • Google Analytics: Trail users and activity on your site through Google Analytics.
  • Search-Engine-Friendly URLs and Page Titles: If you like to take in Search Engine Optimization, we can aid you decide the top URLs and page titles for your site.
  • Members-Only Section: Issue content that will be noticeable only to users with certain access and login ids.

The user experience from both the end user and the site owner is flawless. The end user can simply navigate the website, look for content, and speak to the site owner. The site owner has the control to modify any details on the site at any certain time. With a safe login and password, the site owner can simply login and alter the text, upload new images, insert new products or services and much more with the simple click of a few buttons.

Not only does the Drupal content management system allow for simple edits, but the site is very scalable and search engine friendly. Drupal is one of the most search engine friendly CMS tools obtainable. With keyword rich URLs, easy to revise alt and title tags, together with the easy integration with various shopping cart applications, it is no question why Drupal would be the CMS of choice.

Fortune Softtech Singapore provides the following Drupal Content Management Services:

  • Drupal consulting - Requirements analysis and information architecture
  • Custom website design and Drupal theming
  • Design integration
  • Rich user interface development with Drupal JavaScript Libraries
  • Customization of core and contributed Drupal modules
  • Custom module development
  • Creating personal web blogs using Drupal
  • Delivering podcasts
  • Managing content on sites
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Maintenance of Drupal based sites
  • Custom Drupal templates – Customizing Drupal according to the client’s requirements
  • Hire Drupal designer / Hire Drupal programmer
  • Drupal updates – If older version of Drupal website needs to change the theme and features to a newer version
  • Static site conversion – Converting static websites to Drupal CMS based web applications


The best thing about Content Management Systems (CMS) is that, you can build a basic website even if you haven’t written a single line of code ever. CMS is a web application that lets users manage every single aspect of their ........

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