Credible Reasons to Say That Eye Tracking is Essential for Web Publishers

Eye tracking is the process of detecting the activities of the eyes. Studies on eye tracking have been really important for web publishers to understand the behaviour of the user. It helps the website owners to give what exactly the users need. By properly understanding how a visitor is browsing the site, they can provide them with the best possible user experience by making navigation easy. This in turn increases monetization by increasing the page views and web traffic.

Why do web publishers need eye-tracking?

  1. To recognize the places that the visitors see first: It’s very important to know where do the visitors see the most. It might be the brand logo, the bold text, the image or any other things. Knowing these things, you can try to satisfy the visitors by providing them the beautiful content and an awesome user experience. It definitely influences the user sessions, page views and also the conversion rates.
  2. It’s an accurate, automated and real-time process: Eye tracking process is automated and it is highly accurate as the tracking device follows the perfect gaze of the user on the site. It records the path where the user’s eye travels in real time and makes the resulting data more precise.
  3. Helps in understanding the user behaviour: When you traverse through the interaction between the user and the website, you will certainly get an insight on the behaviour of the user. You will come to know which part of your website is attracting the users; you can add some more of such elements to please the users.
  4. It lets you understand the scrolling pattern: Using eye tracking, you can gauge the time spent by a user on your website. You will also get to know whether they are scrolling till the bottom or just interacting with the visible part of your website. It also gives you an idea on whether they are comfortable in scrolling left to right instead of up/down.
  5. It gauges user attention span: It analyses the time in detail and understands which part of your website is being viewed for long time. It becomes the clear evidence of what actually is holding the user’s attention for a considerable period of time. It’s definitely room for you to improve your website and increase user engagement.
  6. Helps in understanding user concentration areas: This is slightly different from the point mentioned above. Attention is related to time duration wherein concentration is related to the places of interest. Users generally concentrate on the areas above the fold or between the fold. Based on the results of eye tracking, you can place any special offers or features.
  7. It lets you test your website’s usability: It is the most fundamental use of eye-tracking; it lets you test the usability of your website i.e. to test how easy it is to use. It makes you understand the difficulties faced by the users while browsing on your site like whether they are able to move around the site easily, whether they understand the site functions and so on.
  8. Improves visual communication: Eye tracking is certainly a good opportunity to optimize the visual content on your site such that they are more informative and perform appropriate functions to achieve the business goals.

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