4 Major Technological Advancements to Take Ecommerce to Next Level

Gone are the days where people used to look at ecommerce with uncertainty; today ecommerce has grown to such an extent that it is now a widely received form of business and transactions across the world.

The field of ecommerce has witnessed several major changes from two decades of its arrival, which includes the mobile emergence and Omni channel experience.

With these many changes happening over time, what has ecommerce got to do? What are the advancements we can see in the near future? Are the foreseen advancements capable of taking ecommerce to the next level?

How to Build An Effective Contact Page for Your Website?

The contact page of a website plays a very important role as it can make or break the conversions. A poor contact page can make the customer leave the site even if they have had a good experience until that point.

If the contact page fails to generate that final click, there are chances that you might lose a potential customer forever. It’s very crucial that you need to keep encouraging your customers to take them to the final step from casually interested to make them fully engaging.

7 Main Benefits of Integrating ERP System with an Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is probably a transformed way of selling the products at a lower cost. Most of the business owners use ERP system and the ecommerce store separately; but they actually miss out the benefits of an integrated system. Getting the ecommerce data directly from an ERP system without much of human interaction offers several benefits.

Below listed are the 7 main benefits of integrating an ERP system with your ecommerce storefront.

Credible Reasons to Say That Eye Tracking is Essential for Web Publishers

Eye tracking is the process of detecting the activities of the eyes. Studies on eye tracking have been really important for web publishers to understand the behaviour of the user. It helps the website owners to give what exactly the users need. By properly understanding how a visitor is browsing the site, they can provide them with the best possible user experience by making navigation easy. This in turn increases monetization by increasing the page views and web traffic.

Why do web publishers need eye-tracking?

Which CMS Suits The Best For Your Business?

The best thing about Content Management Systems (CMS) is that, you can build a basic website even if you haven’t written a single line of code ever. CMS is a web application that lets users manage every single aspect of their website. For example, navigation, site architecture, social sharing, content and the appearance can be controlled using a CMS. Examples for such content management platforms include Drupal, WordPress, TeamSite, etc.

So which CMS suits your business well?

8 Most Significant Steps to Design a Perfect Website Layout

While designing a website layout, the new designers and interns usually make a lot of mistakes which would spoil the look and feel of a website. Here are a few steps to be followed which would certainly help new designers to create the best website layout. The following steps not only cover the design aspects but also the general workflow issues which makes a perfect website.

Steps to be followed to design a perfect website layout:

How to Make Great and Successful Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are useful tools for turning traffic into conversions. A landing page is basically any page on a site developed with the precise intention of influencing a visitor to perform an action. Landing pages have to be strictly concentrated on their job and developed from the ground up with an eye to conversion rate optimization.

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