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Fortune Softtech Singapore is a principal service provider of Global Distribution System (GDS) integration to a range of web based applications across the globe. We focus on travel agencies portal and travel agencies website development service. We have devised and built quite a few Internet Booking Engines (IBE) incorporating different GDS processes for many airlines companies in the past. Our understanding and proficiency in designing and creating different kinds of IBE’s and incorporating them with various GDS has made us a nationwide leader in this service area.

Global Distribution System (GDS) is a network controlled by a company that allows automated transactions between vendors and booking agents so as to provision travel related services to the end consumers. A GDS can link rates, services and bookings combining products and services across all three travel zones: i.e. Airline reservations, Car rentals, Hotel reservations and other travel related activities. Fortune Softtech provide a range of IBE development and GDS integration services to our patrons in diverse locations across Singapore. We offer comprehensive Online Travel Agency (OTA) Solution for our patrons in all sizes and modes of operation (Online, B2C, B2B, B2B2C etc). Our solutions for travel groups to go online comprises designing services, CMS website/Online Travel Portal development services, IBE development and GDS integration services, SEO and SEM services etc.

Benefits of Global Distribution System

  • Simple and easy access of information
  • More distribution and exposure
  • Saves time and maximizes revenue
  • Distributing content & channel management
  • Increases information accuracy and efficiency
  • Live data, pricing, availability

The GDS offers significant booking tools that aid them to perform multiple search criteria, total pricing, check rate, ease of use, booking status etc and complete back office integration. As a competent and leading service provider of GDS Integration, Fortune Softtech Singapore has worked on diverse types of GDS systems that let reserving flight tickets, rental vehicles, hotels etc. We have built lots of intricate applications like airline online reservation systems in the past for our valued patrons with GDS integration. Our bespoke applications with GDS integrations has aided many of our customers in having powerful travel booking systems which would be able to execute live bookings. Some of the most accepted GDS systems which we work on are Galileo, Amadeus, Travel Port, Sabre, Travelocity, Worldspan. Hotwire, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Abacus, Navitaire etc.

GDS providers are helping worldwide travel and tourism industry to the maximum level. The fast growth of widely available GDSs for reservations has produced a striking shift in the profitable airlines, hotels and travel industries, with millions of people making travel deals on the Internet. GDS data for all airfares are broadly available through consumer portals. Basic air travel inquiries to these websites reveal the instant airline and fare details for a variety of airline information concerning departure times, flight direction, departure times, length and connections are also exhibited by the GDS. Access to this data also offers a unique chance to compute and check three of the most important aspects of the commercial air industry i.e., travel time, fare and accessibility. GDS data indicate the actual choice-based information offered to the user during the booking process, symbolizing seat inventories and link necessities for a given journey at a single point in time.

Fortune Softtech Singapore with better understanding of all the prominent GDS systems offers superb application development services integrating various type GDS to our patrons. Based on their requirements we offer competent GDS integration services such as GDS for Travel, GDS for Hotel and GDS for Airlines etc by using up to date technology while building any web application.


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