8 Most Significant Steps to Design a Perfect Website Layout

While designing a website layout, the new designers and interns usually make a lot of mistakes which would spoil the look and feel of a website. Here are a few steps to be followed which would certainly help new designers to create the best website layout. The following steps not only cover the design aspects but also the general workflow issues which makes a perfect website.

Steps to be followed to design a perfect website layout:

1. Sketch your thoughts on a paper: The common mistake most of the designers do is that they jump straight away into the Photoshop before the perfect planning on the thing they are going to start up with. Basically designing is all about giving solutions to the problems. So these problems can’t just be resolved through shadows or gradients. They have to be analyzed by having a clear hierarchy and good layout.

2. Sketch a top level framework: The next thing to do while designing the look and feel of a website is that, you need to analyze the top level framework which would solve most of the design problems. Framework is nothing but the UI which encloses the content of a website which navigates you through certain actions. It comprises the components like side bars, bottom bars and more.

3. Add a grid to your PSD: You need a proper grid to start up with the design in Photoshop. Of course, you can start up without having a grid; but the thing is that the design will surely not look good if you don’t use a grid, because, a grid helps you to structure the layout in a particular format by differentiating the sections. A grid drives you through the requirements and aids you in crating responsive templates.

4. Typography: Selecting the suitable typefaces is also a crucial part in designing a web layout. Generally the experts’ advice not to use more than two typefaces in a website; but ultimately it relies on the nature of your website. It’s also advised to use playful titles and a good font which is easy to read.

5. Color theme: While selecting the typefaces, you need to think about the colors you are going to use in the background, UI and the text. Normally for a general interface, it’s always good to use limited set of colors depending upon the functionality of the element. Besides the interface, no color restrictions should be there for graphic details or illustrations.

6. Divide the layout: A web layout should properly be divided into layouts such that each section should tell a story. Layouts should assist the website content by highlighting the important pieces in the story. Plan up for a simplest layout and start adding the necessary components. You will definitely be surprised to see the final outcome.

7. Sharpen your work: Along with the aesthetic considerations, there are certain things to be avoided to render an ideal piece of work. Sharpening the work is nothing but including the appropriate gradients, font rendering options, blurry edges and strokes which badly merge with the background.

8. Clean up your PSDs: It’s really important to keep your PSD files clean as it speeds up the design process by making it easier to export different sections. Whatever might be the size of the project and the number of designers working on it, but it’s always advised to keep the PSD files clean.

Though experience matters in the field of web designing and development, any new designer or an intern can seamlessly design the website layout with an excellent look and feel if they follow all the above mentioned steps.

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