7 Main Benefits of Integrating ERP System with an Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is probably a transformed way of selling the products at a lower cost. Most of the business owners use ERP system and the ecommerce store separately; but they actually miss out the benefits of an integrated system. Getting the ecommerce data directly from an ERP system without much of human interaction offers several benefits.

Below listed are the 7 main benefits of integrating an ERP system with your ecommerce storefront.

  1. Increases Self- Service functionality: The ERP system provides real-time information and allows customers to view the latest order status, available inventory and also to track shipments. This reduces the cost of operation for customers while enhancing their experience with your storefront.
  2. Reduces the inventory cost: All the information about web sales appears instantly on your ERP system. Based on these transactions, the ERP item inventory will also be updated. So having the updated inventory and web sales information, the users can plan up their purchase and reduce their inventory cost.
  3. Generates financial reports based on web transactions: Basically an ecommerce application will just be able to generate financial reports on sales. But on integrating the ecommerce store with an ERP system, it provides the information regarding P/L statement, balance sheet, cash flow and trial balance while offering complete transparency.   
  4. Increases internal productivity: As the integrated system streamlines multiple business processes, it automatically reduces the involvement of human resources in these processes. In an integrated system, the web sales orders will be integrated to the ERP system so that the users can track their orders instantly and start further processing. This reduces the number of order fulfilment cycles and also enhances internal productivity.
  5. Reduces human involvement: As said in the above point, on integrating the ERP system with an ecommerce store, the web orders, customer details, payment details and shipping details can be uploaded from ERP to ecommerce portal which eliminates the need of re-entering the data. So the integrated system reduces human involvement and data redundancy over two platforms.
  6. Increases customer satisfaction: The integrated system increases customer satisfaction as the customers will have the ease of getting up-to-date information about the product, inventory availability, order tracking and more.
  7. Better business control: Ecommerce and ERP integration provides business owners a better control of their business while offering them the competitive advantage.

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