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6 Simple Image Mistakes You Can Avoid on Your Website

14 September 2015

Singapore: Big images and photo-heavy designs are of course a trend in web design. But to make your website look more aesthetic, you need to make sure that all the images on your site fit into the display while representing the brand well. The simple mistakes made by designers could make the site fall in front of others.

Here we have listed a few simple image mistakes that the designers need to be aware of.

Leaked Specifications of iPhone 6S Seem to Sound A Lot

3 August 2015

Singapore: Since when Apple released its iPhone 6 and 6 plus in September last year, people are very curious about Apple’s next release. Apple lovers have already started making their own guesses on the specifications of iPhone 6S (next release of Apple). Here we have gathered a few rumours about the specifications of iPhone 6S that have been hovering around.

How Google App Indexing Helps in Android App Discovery?

28 May 2015

Singapore: If you just enter the search term ‘Android apps’ in Google, what you find is a list of applications with some headlines on the app and a direct link to Play Store. Of course, the developers would always pick much more specific keyword to optimize their applications for search. But from the past few weeks, they have been given a huge incentive to do so.    

Zero-Day Vulnerability of WordPress Makes It Easy To Hijack Millions of Websites

12 May 2015

Singapore: WordPress is the most popular content management system used by millions of websites. This CMS is now vulnerable to two newly discovered threats which enable the attackers to take the complete control of the web server. The attack code has been released and this code targets one of the latest versions of WordPress making it a zero-day exploit which could touch a series of site hijackings  throughout the internet.

An attacker will be able to do whatever the admin can do!

Remarkable Predictions on Google's Mobile Indexing for 2015

23 January 2015

Singapore: It looks like the world is going mobile, as most of the people these days are using devices and large numbers of users are searching on Google’s using mobile. Basically the mobile sites are usually designed keeping mobile view as the main concern. So for a webmaster, running a mobile site and switching into mobile search audience might be a complicated task. Because it’s not only the format that differs; expertise required and the management methods are also different from one another.


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